Monday, October 20, 2008

The Last Supper Festival

This fall season has brought me many wonderful events, and lined them up all in a row so that reporting on them fell off-until now. So, way back on Saturday 9/20/08 was the raucous Last Supper Festival at the artspace/venue 3rd Ward in Brooklyn. It was a multimedia event held at the change of the season to celebrate the harvest and the switch and featured an unusual mix of Brooklyn creatives. There were 13 short films, 13 artists, 13 food artists and bands (including a wild performance by the Hungry March Band) all brought together for an evening in Bushwick. The theme was "landscape" and the show came together as a poignant multi-sensory experience.

The food art included woks as suspended scales, acting as a mobile/serving buffet, and beautiful cast sugar medical objects, by duo Eve and Bowie.

I made architectural cookies, including this edible floor tile pattern of lavender sugar cookies and chocolate red chile cookies. On the wall were a selection of cookies based on some of my favorite ironwork fences from Greenpoint Brooklyn.