Friday, October 30, 2009

Eden of the Empire State

I didn't grow up visiting orchards in the fall, but I see why New Yorkers feel so strongly about it, and I'm catching up. They are the most romantic of places, a low-slung mysterious maze of short, strong trees. The silvery leaves are hung with ornaments the brilliant colors of perfect and marred fruit. The ground is rolling with apples and long grass. Walking only a few steps, you can disappear entirely.

Man, what a drawing.

Apple in Halloween costume as plum.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

This Week On eBay...

Produced for MoMA (NYC) but shipped from seller in New Mexico..I love it. I knew it was old because these wouldn't be the iconic building silhouettes chosen for this product today. Also the faint windowpane grid background is an eighties contemporary look. I do wonder about those "Fake Architectural Cookie Cutters" that must be out there...this is a terrific find for Sugarbuilt.