Saturday, January 19, 2008

Michigan 2008

Starting the year off right with 2008 calories? This plate is loaded with essentials: black eyed peas with green chile and bacon, eggs, and homemade biscuits and gravy.

The Meijer superstore in Monroe, Michigan is a place where you can buy jeans, live goldfish, children's furniture, a soldering iron, and um, pink eggs. Just in case you need those.

Donut Palace: reigning over the industrial slums of Detroit.

The Lotto is everywhere. All the bars and grocery stores and gas stations make participation easy. I didn't technically win with this one, but obviously this ticket was a winner for me anyway.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Pizza Party: More than a Reward for Reading Books

One of the best parties I attended in the past month was a pizza party. It celebrated a birthday by involving the small group of goers in the making and eating of 8 kinds of homemade pizza for several hours. Homemade dough, sauce, piles of interesting ingredients, the wait for the oven and slowly eating bites of the results made this surprisingly organized frenzy taste extra fabulous.

The Greek One

This one was made upside down, with cherry tomatoes, pancetta, olive oil and mint. (Sprinkled on after it was out of the dish).

Polish Pizza! Potato, red cabbage and kielbasa decorate this fusion pie of local fare.

Southwestern chicken (whatever that means...) homemade salsa and guac...

The Thai One

There was a luscious mushroom situation, and one with all vegetables i was pretty hard to keep track, actually. This party was a marvelous idea, and like the best meals, is not something that can occur often or maybe ever again for that matter, so it is all the more special.