Sunday, October 08, 2006

Cute Key Lime Pie in Red Hook, Brooklyn

This wonderfully fresh little key lime tart (three inches across) was from way down by the water, a bakery in a big old brick building that only seems to make things with key limes. (Shakes, pies in three sizes not counting this one). One has to get there by car, and know where to go. There are signs and arrows when you get close. I never remember that I am a fan of this dessert, but this made me think I'd never had any like it is meant to be. Composed of a simple, crumbly, graham cracker crust-almost a little salty, and a creamy, tart, sweet, straightforward key lime custard. It was sunny and it was perfect.

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w.andringa said...

I found these pies to be very tart indeed! I can still recall the strange combination of key lime and red hook!