Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Cold Summer Drink

I love this satisfying and interesting drink-and I've never purchased buttermilk so frequently. A Polish version appeared in Saveur Magazine, and I adapted it. I think there must be a creamy cultured beverage from every corner of the world...

tall glass of cold 1% buttermilk
small handful of chives snipped tiny with scissors
several grinds of black pepper
small pinch kosher salt
large pinch ground cumin
equal pinch ground coriander

When you think about it, these are all things that will NOT make your teeth look awesome afterwards. Stir it up well and drink anyway. And chew. Sound bad? its not. Its great.


Anna said...

I demand you serve me this at work, NOW!

w.andringa said...

This looks awesome...I have recommended it to my pal dairyqueen...