Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Embrace of the Lobster

The trip to the fish market yielded three 3+ lb. lobsters. They had to be gently protected all the rest of that late morning and work day before we could celebrate their lives in the kitchen.

Here one sits in familiar feeling shadows before meeting the steam pot.

"Best lobstahs yevah gonna have"...

We drank a buttery wine, had rosemary roasted potatoes, some spicy wilted greens, and salad to accompany the lobster. (As if there was a reason to eat anything else). Each one was steamed for about 15 minutes, and after the beautiful and funny process of getting into them in order to get them into us, every bite was textured and sweet. Fragrant fat covered our hands and everything on the table until we were finally still with satisfying dizziness.

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