Tuesday, January 20, 2009


It feels like New Year's day all over again, but I didn't make black-eyed peas...I made cookies! Today the new President is sworn into office and I'll be checking out an interesting blog called Obama Foodorama, which will be posting when possible from the crush of humanity in Washington D.C.. This blog is a chronicle of Barack Obama and food. At first I wasn't sure what that even meant, but getting into it is well worth it. You will find recipes, food-political commentary, informative links, goofy pictures, ag policy and cupcakes. The variety of items is intriguing and the blog paints a wide and complex picture of an interesting subject and our culture at this moment. These are attributes that Marinationwide can happily endorse. Let the inaugurating begin!!!


brooklynfarmer said...

amelia, the obama cookies are gorgeous. amazing work! what a sweet way to celebrate the inauguration.

phillip said...